“All the water in the world today is the same water that first materialised on the Earth four and a half billion years ago. That’s all the water there is…..there won’t be anymore.”

Jacques Cousteau

Marion’s contribution is a recycling of a postcard featuring a work of Paul Klee, entitled ‘Demon above the Ships’. Coupled with the Cousteau quote the result is a multi-faceted and thought provoking response to our SEA CHANGE call out.

Thank you Marion!



Nicola Davies – Underneath the City the Whale Swims

Today’s post has brought something very special from writer, zoologist and sometime illustrator Nicola Davies.

The whale swims underneath the city,

Deep down among the roots of steel and concrete,

Where pipes and cables wave like kelp.

Its low voice is held inside the groan of traffic.

Where neon splashes on the tarmac you will see a ripple,

And you’ll feel, in the small, salt pools of every cell,

The echo of its passing

Thank you Nicola!




María León Castro- ‘Water is the driving force of all nature’ Leonardo da Vinci

Today we received our first quadriptych! Four beautiful postcards successfully navigated their way from southern Spain to land on our doorstep. María is both a successful illustrator as well as a trained biologist involved with conservation project Nereide

María previously contributed to MIGRATIONS and we have been discussing future projects together- hopefully we’ll be able to collaborate with our inspirational friend from Tarifa soon!




First post- Jane Ray!

Thank you Jane Ray for the first postcard to drop!

It is very special when something as beautiful, sensitive and thoughtful as a Jane Ray illustration arrives through the post. Perfect for the making the waves we want to make.




Thank you Roger Mello!

Award winning Brazilian writer and illustrator Roger Mello has kindly designed our SEA CHANGE identity. You can read more about the wonderful work of Roger here-

Thank you Roger!


SEA CHANGE is launched!


Today is World Ocean’s Day so the perfect time to launch our new project, SEA CHANGE

As a sequel to our highly acclaimed MIGRATIONS project, the new venture of the International Centre for the Picture Book in Society is concerned with the environment and in particular the Earth’s oceans and sea life.

We live in tempestuous times where the Earth faces climate instability and biodiversity loss. SEA CHANGE will endeavour to highlight the threat that our oceans face through pollution, over fishing and climate warming. From the Arctic seas to the Pacific coral reefs, our seas, oceans and rivers connect us and have long provided stories, folk tales and myths which are shared and migrate between our cultures. We would like to celebrate the role of the oceans as vital to promoting biodiversity, and as places of wonder and imagination.

As with MIGRATIONS we are planning a crowd sourced, postcard call out asking illustrators around the world to send us an illustrated fish or sea creature on the picture side of the card and a relevant message, phrase or thought on the theme on the message side of the card. The donations will form an exhibition which, like MIGRATIONS, will be exhibited around the world and engage with an international audience through workshops, talks and other related activities.

If you would like to take part and contribute to SEA CHANGE please find the brief here.

MIGRATIONS is published this month by Otter Barry Books!

Migrations book cover

Available now on Amazon

From all over the world, picture book illustrators sent original images and personal messages, in postcard form, for Migrations, our exhibition at the Biennial of Illustration, Bratislava, in 2017, curated by the University of Worcester’s International Centre for the Picture Book in Society. Over fifty of the cards are reproduced in this very special book.

The book is divided into themes of Departures, Long Journeys, Arrivals and Hope for the Future.

The facsimile postcard text includes personal messages of hope from the illustrators, as well as quotes from writers including Emily Dickinson, WB Yeats, John Clare, and Anita Desai. Robert Macfarlane has written a poem specially for the postcard drawn by Jackie Morris.

Illustrators include Christopher Corr, Marie-Louise Gay, Piet Grobler, Petr Horacek, Isol, Jon Klassen, Neal Layton, PJ Lynch, Roger Mello, Jackie Morris, Jane Ray, Chris Riddell, Axel Scheffler and Shaun Tan. In total, illustrators from 28 countries have contributed.

Migrations carries a powerful message about human migration, showing how cultures, ideas and aspirations flow despite borders, barriers and bans.

Proceeds from the sales of the book will be divided between Amnesty International, where the postcard format resonates with their campaigning, and IBBY (International Board of Books for Young People) whose networks have promoted the call to illustrators around the world.