Sea Change Brief


Illustration by ROGER MELLO


Contributor Agreement



“Full fathom five thy Father lies,
Of his bones are Corrall made;
Those are pearls that were his eyes,
Nothing of him that doth fade,
But doth suffer a Sea-change
Into something rich, & strange:
Sea-Nimphs hourly ring his knell.”
Shakespeare, The Tempest

Design by Lauren Susman

The Brief

We invite our illustrator friends to send us an original postcard (10x15cm) with your illustration of a fish or sea creature on the picture side of the card and a relevant message, phrase or thought on the theme on the message side of the card.

Some of you will send a postcard created by hand, others may send a digital or partially digital artwork. The method will be representative of your personal visual language.

Your image can be representative of a real fish/sea creature from your country, a fictitious sea creature from a story or folktale or your own fantasy fish.

Please send your postcard via your usual postal service, do not use a courier (no envelope as the stamp and franking will be part of your artwork’s story!) to this address by May 1st 2021

PO Box 17832
B13 3QB