“All the water in the world today is the same water that first materialised on the Earth four and a half billion years ago. That’s all the water there is…..there won’t be anymore.”

Jacques Cousteau

Marion’s contribution is a recycling of a postcard featuring a work of Paul Klee, entitled ‘Demon above the Ships’. Coupled with the Cousteau quote the result is a multi-faceted and thought provoking response to our SEA CHANGE call out.

Thank you Marion!



Thank you Roger Mello!

Award winning Brazilian writer and illustrator Roger Mello has kindly designed our SEA CHANGE identity. You can read more about the wonderful work of Roger here-

Thank you Roger!


IBBY Books for Children and Young People with Disabilities: June workshop

On the morning of Tuesday 13th June, year 6 students at Stanley Road Primary School visited the Hive to look round the exhibition of IBBY’s Outstanding Books for Children and Young People with Disabilities 2017, and to take part in a workshop inspired by that collection. The workshop was organised and funded by the ICPBS in collaboration with the Hive library, and was run by Becky Palmer, one of the lecturers in Illustration at the University of Worcester, with support from Liam and Angie, two of our current undergraduates.  Participants collaborated to choose themes for four tactile books and work with a range of different materials to create pages on those themes. Tactile books are chiefly intended for readers with limited vision, as well as those who benefit from feeling as well as seeing pictures in the books they read.  Students were challenged to use new materials in creative ways, imagining how different textures might be used to represent skateboarders, football fans, lions, peacocks, shipwrecks, and plenty more besides.


The pages they made were afterwards sewn together as books for the participating classes at Stanley Road. The children who attended the workshop were so pleased with the results that they plan to share them with the reception classes at Stanley Road Primary as part of the school’s literacy program.














Dear illustrators and friends

From 09 to 30 September 2017, the International Centre for the Picture Book in Society (ICPBS) will host an exhibition in collaboration with BIBIANA, the International House of Art for Children in Bratislava, Slovakia. The exhibition, titled MIGRATIONS, will coincide with the Biennale of Illustration in Bratislava (BIB) and its symposium.

MIGRATIONS hopes to draw attention to the plight of thousands of children and their families who are, as a result of oppressive regimes, violence or poverty, forced to migrate to safer places in the world. Artists may not be able to change regimes, influence governments or save the migrants, but they can raise awareness of a reality that has become part of the contemporary socio-political environment. As visual storytellers and communicators, we can continue to pose questions and challenge indifference through our work, at the same time highlighting the positive impact that the migration of peoples, cultures and ideas has had across the globe.

An installation of between 100 and 200 postcards (or more!) from illustrators all over the world will make up one half of the exhibition. Each of these will show a migrating bird, ‘flying’ or ‘perching’ in a room in BIBIANA. This installation will in itself emphasize that culture and ideas migrate across human borders, barriers and bans. Well-known picture book illustrators such as Isol from Argentina, Roger Mello from Brazil, Shaun Tan from Australia, Laura Carlin and Petr Horacek from the UK and Marit Törnqvist from the Netherlands have already agreed to take part.

A catalogue of the postcards will accompany the exhibition and will include a foreword by Shaun Tan, the 2011-winner of the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. This installation will complement a series of illustrations created by the staff and selected alumni of the University of Worcester, UK, and its International Centre for the Picture Book in Society in response to the theme: Migrations.

The Brief

 We invite our illustrator friends to send us a postcard (10x15cm) with your illustration of a bird on the picture side of the card and a relevant message, phrase or thought on the theme on the message side of the card.  The bird could be representative of a real bird from your country, a fictitious bird from your culture or your own fantasy bird. The postage stamp from your country of residence and your name will indicate the flight of your artwork first to the UK, then to Bratislava and who knows … to further exhibitions thereafter.

This enterprise is supported by IBBY – the International Board on Books for Young People

The idea is for you to create an illustration for the context of this exhibition. Do not be concerned about possible damage to the card that you will mail to us. The stamp, the journey of the mail and all it entails will reflect the fragility and the precarious nature of migration. Some of you will send a postcard created by hand, others may send a digital or partially digital artwork. The method will be representative of your personal visual language. Please keep a scan or digital file of the postcard in any case.

By sending and donating your postcard, you grant permission that the ICPBS may include your card in the exhibition, use your image in related publicity and publish both sides of the card in the catalogue and/or a book of the postcard exhibition. Any profits made from this publication will be donated to promoting the cause of migrants through a recognized aid organization.

By sending us your postcard, you agree that the original postcard will become the property of the ICPBS after its use in the exhibition MIGRATIONS in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2017 and could either be kept in a permanent collection or auctioned and all proceeds from any sales will be donated to the agreed refugee charity. A form giving permission for such use is attached to this Brief. Please sign and return a digital copy to Piet Grobler at:


Please send your bird-card to reach us by 15 June 2017 to:

MIGRATIONS exhibition

Taz Lovejoy

Digital Arts Centre

University of Worcester

Henwick Grove



United Kingdom

About the International Centre for the Picture Book in Society

The ICPBS aims

  • to engage with the making and study of the picture book in its broadest sense (children’s books, comics, hand made books, zines and educational books, e-book, graphic novels);
  • to engage with society in its broadest terms by promoting multi-culturalism, inclusivity of minorities and socially disenfranchised people;
  • to create an awareness in the UK of international picture book making outside the Anglophone environment and a platform to promote and showcase internationally published picture books.